Sunday, January 6, 2013

Challenges 2012 Re-Cap

Well, I went lighter on the challenges in 2012, and it meant more success in meeting my goals.

My goal for this year was 35 books. I wound up finishing 2012 with 39 books read and reviewed, plus two that I did not finish (DNF).

My goal for this challenge was 4 books from my "Bucket List". I got through 3. Eh.

My goal for this one was 10. I had 15 on my list as "read", so I was feeling pretty good about this one. But now I read over the "rules" again and realized that most of my books don't qualify, as the majority were acquired from Netgalley. So this challenge was a bust! But I did get a few legitimate ones on it.

My goal on this one was 4-6 books. I read 6 books that I'd won, so I met my goal.

I did well with this challenge. I was simply trying to get at least one book per month to meet this challenge, and I wound up with 23 total-- nearly double my goal!

So that's where I stand on 2012. I haven't signed up for any challenges for 2013 as of yet. But I do still have my four perpetual challenges continuing. So I may decide to simply stick with my perpetual challenges for 2013.

Have fun everyone!

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Cozy in Texas said...

I signed up for a classic challenge last year and only got half way through David Copperfield. Maybe I'll try a different one this year.