Friday, June 14, 2013

DID NOT FINISH: World War Z by Max Brooks

I'm not going to rate this book, as I did not finish it. I am a stickler about wanting to read the book before seeing the movie. So when I heard this movie was about to be released, I decided it was time to read it.

However I found the format of this book to be somewhat tedious. The entire book is laid out as if it is an interviewer speaking with witnesses of the Zombie War. The writing was good, and if the movie weren't coming out, I may have continued on with the book. But I decided that the movie would probably be much more enjoyable in this instance. So this one I "did not finish".

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Julie said...

I actually think that I would like this writing style - I've seen some pre-movie critiques that slam the movie for not following the book's format - but I truly can't see how a sort of documentary narrative would play out on the big screen.