Thursday, August 14, 2014

Introducing... Neverhome by Laird Hunt

Introducing books through the first chapter or so...

I was strong and he was not, so it was me went to war to defend the Republic. I stepped across the border out of Indiana into Ohio. Twenty dollars, two salt-pork sandwiches, and I took jerky, biscuits, six old apples, fresh underthings, and a blanket too. There was a heat in the air so I walked in my shirtsleeves with my hat pulled low. I wasn't the only one looking to enlist and by and by we had ourselves a band. Farm folk cheered as we went by. Gave us food. Their best shad to stop in. Played un on their fiddles. Everything you've heard about from the early days, even though it had already been a year since Fort Sumter, and there had already been the First Bull Run, and Shiloh had stole off its souls, and the early days were done and dead and gone.

-- Neverhome by Laird Hunt

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Ok, I'm intrigued. I'll look forward to your review!