Thursday, March 14, 2019

TLC BOOK TOURS and REVIEW: Almanac 2019


A one-of-a-kind annual featuring surprising facts, stunning color photos, arresting infographics, and illuminating maps that present the world in a whole new way.

An almanac like you’ve never seen before, this arresting volume features key information on science, nature, history, and geography, spiked with cutting-edge ideas and spectacular visuals. Discover features that only National Geographic can deliver, including exquisite photography, explanatory infographics, illustrated timelines, and maps created by expert cartographers. Chapters include Exploration & Adventure, This Planet & Beyond, Life on Earth, and The Science of Us; featured topics range from the polar jet stream and how chameleons change colors to the world’s biggest cities and the science of addiction. It includes top travel trends, new explorations, and recent discoveries, as well as fascinating trivia. Enlightening for young and old, exquisitely designed, each page of this special almanac reveals something new about today’s world. 

• Paperback: 400 pages
• Publisher: National Geographic (October 23, 2018)

My Thoughts

My father raised me to have a ravenous curiosity for the world. I'm always asking "why?" and saying "I wonder..." So when I was offered this book for review, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a longtime in coming, but well worth the wait!

In the foreword by Cara Santa Maria, she describes this book as
"...a compedium of adventure, science, photography, and wonder that will spark your curiosity and excite your senses. This book celebrates trailblazing scientists and explorers, and the contributions they've made to our understanding of the universe."
And so it is! This book is a feast for the eyes! Every page is in full color with beautiful photography. The book is broken into seven chapters:
  • Trending 2019
  • Exploration & Adventure
  • This Planet & Beyond
  • Life on Earth
  • The Science of Us
  • Yesterday to Tomorrow
  • Our World
Each chapter begins with a "Quizmaster" by Cara Santa Maria, testing your knowledge with questions and listing the page on which the answers may be found. Questions like "What four nations have moon missions, past and present?", "What is the name of the fungus threatening the world's frog species?", and "In what continent is the ancient city of Timbuktu?"

The book doesn't go into depth on any one subject, but rather is a "jack-of-all-trades", giving you enough of a sampling to pique your interest and make you want to learn more. It touches on hot topics like smart cars, gene editing, and drug-resistant bacteria, as well as lighter topics like butterflies and bagels. Regardless of the topic, it's interesting, educational and visually appealing!

A section on US History includes a glossary of state flags, including the New Mexico state flag...
"I salute the flag of the state of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures."
And includes a quick guide to other US territories like Guam and Puerto Rico.

Throughout the book there are "Best of @NATGEO" sections containing some of the best photography of National Geographic. Beautiful landscapes, fascinating people, awe-inspiring weather and stunning sea life. Each image pulls you in, seeking to absorb every minute detail.

I would like to thank TLC Book Tours for including me on this tour. Check out the website for the full tour schedule:

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My final word: This book lived up to my expectations. The quality of the book is high, with heavy gauge glossy pages and gorgeous photography. It just feels expensive and like it is going to hold up very well through many years on my bookshelf and being thumbed through. The photography is what we've come to expect of National Geographic. It's concise and to the point, and touches on many, many different topics. If I were to criticize anything, it would be that it may be a little too light on substance about many subjects. It left me a little too wanting rather than merely piquing my interest. It's hard to give a topic like climate change it's due significance in a mere paragraph, but the illustrations help add weight and meaning when a topic is light on real details.Overall I am very pleased with this book which is a true feast for the eyes and mind.

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The Cerebral Girl is a forty-something blogger just digging her way out from under a mountain of books in the deep south of Florida.

I received a copy of this book to review through TLC Book Tours and the publisher, in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not financially compensated in any way, and the opinions expressed are my own and based on my observations while reading this novel.


Sara Strand said...

I never used to be an almanac person but I once worked in an elementary school library and I had a little boy, maybe second grade, ask for one and proceeded to tell me he knows a LOT about a LOT because of these. It was just really cute watching him tell me how great almanacs are so now I look at them in a different light. Thanks for being on this tour!

Sara @ TLC Book Tours

Thomas said...

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