Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Books for Soldiers

I received a newsletter today from Reader Views asking for books for military personnel:


Art Mills, award winner author of The Empty Lot Next Door, is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan and requesting print books for himself and his fellow troop members. He tells me most of the books are old and worn-out, indicating people read them and hand them to others.

I sent him a box of 12 books and he wrote me:

I placed the books on a book shelf and people rushed right to them. It's nice to know people back home still care after ten years. Thanks!!!!

Yes, we do care! Please donate a copy of your book (or ARC) so Art can put it on their barren shelves. If you send more than one copy it will be donated to another troop through Books for Soldiers.

And, it's okay to enclose a letter of thanks, or if you have a child have her or him draw a picture or write a letter. It is a lonely world in Afghanistan and if we can bring a smile or tear to our soldiers it will be a reminder to them that we do care.

Please send your donation to:

Reader Views
Books for Soldiers
3267 Bee Cave Road, Ste 107-380
Austin, TX 78746

We use candy for packing so if you'd like to donate a bag of candy as well, that would be terrific. The candy should be something that is wrapped individually, e.g. tootsie rolls, mints. (Not chocolate - it melts while sitting on the tarmac.)

Thanks! I know your book will be well received!

PS - if you have any military/war themed books, either your own or those you have read, please send them as well. Surprisingly those themes are well received.
So if you've got any used books to get rid of, maybe you'll consider sharing them with our military personnel in the middle east? It's got me thinking!


My Life With Books - Jennifer K Jovus said...

I love this and am so happy you are doing it. My niece and nephew were both in Iraq this past year. They would read anything they could get thier hands on, including magazines we would have just tossed in the garbage when we were done.

It makes a HUGE difference for these soldiers.

Stacy at A Novel Source said...

Thanks for the address, information and willingness to be involved. I'm traveling today but when I return home tomorrow I will gather my ARCs & other books that have been gathering dust & ship posthaste. What a most worthy way to pass along books. I already share my YA books at the group home I work but the adult books I review are just too advanced & well adult for the girls. I'm happy to join in. Thx!