Saturday, September 29, 2012

GUEST POST: Cindy Roesel, author of Viewer Discretion Advised

Today I'd like to welcome author Cindy Roesel by my blog. Cindy is the author of Viewer Discretion Advised, which I will be reviewing in the future. Today Cindy lets you in on a couple of her less-than-sterling moments...
Thank you HEATHER for inviting me and my novel, VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED to be a guest on your blog, CEREBRAL GIRL IN A REDNECK WORLD. This is my first published novel and it’s a very exciting time.

When you told me that I could visit, I was overwhelmed by the gift. There are many talented writers, so I really appreciate you focusing on me and VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Here’s a memory I want to share with you and your followers.

It’s something I remember as if it were yesterday, even though it was many years ago. In fact, I was still in middle school. A person publicly let me and everyone around us know that I had incorrectly used the words good and well. He made it his duty to make the entire school aware. It wasn’t good enough to correct me during gym class or even as I passed through the halls. It felt like he turned on the emergency broadcast system to inform the entire world that Cindy Roesel was clueless with the distinct differences between good and well. I ended up feeling quite stupid. I’m sure, that was his intention. I will never forget it, as I’m sure you can tell by my writing this now as an adult. I bet we’ve all had these moments, but I’m sharing mine with all of you to let you know what partially motivates my writing. I now know how to use the words good and well correctly.

I was the first one in my family to attend college and ultimately graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree. From there I went into the television broadcast news Industry, becoming an anchor/reporter/producer eventually winning an Emmy Award. Before the Emmy, came my unspeakable act of using the word burst in the worst way possible. I would have a lovely blonde anchorwoman in Las Vegas rip a piece of script paper out of the teleprompter and screech so loudly every person from the Vegas strip to Los Angeles could hear, “There is no such word as bursted,” while my insides liquefied! Thank God I would be fired and put out of my misery several days later. Trust me I now know things burst on this earth as we know it!

Why did I take you down memory lane? What is the point of these stories? These are some of the reasons why I write and study and strive to do well: to do good work. I’m constantly reading other writer’s work, and writing reviews of other author’s novels. Those things keep me fresh while working on my own writing. Sure I make mistakes, but they are the exceptions. I’m vigilant and constantly on the lookout for the next potential good-well mistake or bursted disaster. One can only try to do their best, yet you can never become complacent. We don’t always have the luxury of having an editor. I can tell you where the word “of” is missing in my novel and I want to scream, but I had to let it go. I’m going to be more careful the next time around.

Writing and having VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED published was a dream come true. Writing is a hard job. Don’t be fooled. If you want to do anything else except write, I suggest you do it, because getting yourself to sit in the chair isn’t easy, but it’ll be the most gratifying thing you ever do. I’m completely humbled by the process.

If you want to write, I encourage you to move into your favorite chair with your pen and paper and just begin. Or create a happy place with room for your desktop and space for your special coffee cup, which you will be refilling a lot. It’s going to be the best experience of your life. Trust me.

I along with every writer am grateful for people like Heather and blogs like CEREBRAL GIRL IN A REDNECK WORLD who support and love writers and authors with their time and promotion! It’s such a blessing to be able to come on your blog and tell you about VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED and why I work. Thank you so much, Heather and to your bloggers, I appreciate all of you! Feel free to contact me at or

Thanks for stopping by Cindy! I look forward to reading your book in the upcoming weeks. Learn more about Cindy's book Viewer Discretion Advised.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Heather! It was such a treat visiting with you and your readers. Cindy

Pj Schott said...

Loved this book!! And Cindy is a delight. Thank you for sharing!!

Chris Fox Gilson said...

I loved this book, too--Cindy will share secrets that other authors won't, (just like she shared her own cringe-worthy moments here)and it makes a real difference to a reader. Some authors will only tell you want they want you to know about their characters, but Cindy lets you judge the full person. And like the TV camera seldom lies, you have the satisfaction of figuring out the truth of the character on your own.