Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey's Spring Read-a-thon 2013: Hour 9

This started out as an "hour 8 redux" post, but images took so long to upload that it is now almost hour 10!

Midnight Book Girl and The Fake Steph are duel-hosting another mini-challenge. The goal is to come up with a book sentence. Well, I came up with 4 of them-- two of each of the ladies!

 "One thousand white women, the lace makers of Glenmara, handling the dead-- the honored dead."

"Adam, the alchemist, you are not so smart!"

"Maman's Homesick Pie-- sugar, blood, bones & butter-- I'd know you anywhere."

"The midwife's confession-- the birth house, the stolen child, a cupboard full of coats-- secrets she left behind."

(Is anyone else having trouble uploading images to Google? These images took forever to upload!)

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fakesteph said...

Love all your sentences! Thanks for participating!