Saturday, April 26, 2014

READATHON (Spring 2014): Hour 13 Mini-Challenge

Over at Things Mean a Lot, she has a mini-challenge on "book blending". She did a very clever one as an example. Go check it out!

Here's my lame attempt at one:
Get it? Bird? Bird cage? Yeah, I know.

Also, while checking my shelves, I was reminded that I bought a book called "The Worm Ouroboros", because I have an ouroboros tattoo...

So that's my second sad attempt. And that's my dog Tiki in the background there.

Well, I just made a batch of turtle cookies.

So it's time for me to go eat cookies and read!


Heidenkind said...

Aw, adorable dog! I think your book blend pictures are rather clever, actually. I like the tattoo, too.

Hope you're enjoying current reads and you're still rockin' the Readathon!

Anonymous said...

That tattoo was not a lame attempt. Took advanced planning and everything. Keep it up! Team Butler is cheering for you!

Unknown said...

Tiki is so cute and the cookies look so good.

Hope you had a good readathon.

Happy Reading!

Jill from Team Butler