My name is Heather, and about ten years ago I was totally addicted to books, spending about $100 a month on them. I decided to break my habit, and put myself on something of a "book ban".

Now, ten years later, I find myself living back in the South Florida redneck country of my youth, and an emptiness within me. I remember the joys of reading a good book and getting lost in a story. I miss that. And I thought to myself, as long as I watch my spending, who am I really hurting? I mean, if you are going to have an addiction, aren't books a healthier addiction to have?

So I am forcing myself to get away from the computer (my new addiction. Can you tell I have an addictive personality?), and dive back into my bookshelves and book piles.

This blog will document my journey back to reading and escapism. We all need a little escapism in our lives!

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The truck in the banner was an actual truck that we were driving behind one day, and is not an anomaly in this area. The truck's image was altered to say "FERD", and the license plate was changed, but otherwise it's the real thing! Sometimes you may find the inclusion of a rebel flag in the truck bed in addition to the US flag, or perhaps a cage for hunting dogs or captured hogs (or the occasional dead hog), but this is South Florida-- proud redneck country! Not exactly ideal for someone of my nature. Someone get me the hell out of here!

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