Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introducing...The 6th Seal by J.M. Emanuel

Introducing Thursday introduces you to a book through the first paragraph. This week's introduction comes from The 6th Seal by J.M. Emanuel:

Saturday, September 6, 1975-- Kovno, Lithuania

In the dream it was always the same. A fly appeared across the room buzzing about haphazardly then spiraling towards Kozar and hovering above him for a moment before landing on the near wall. Its shadow suddenly grew, bleeding out fro its core, spreading, evolving into the shape of a beast that stood on two legs. Arms spread out from its sides and became wings, like those of a dragon flapping against the wall, faster and faster, ready to take flight, and then-- a man stepped out of the wall and into the laboratory, a man enshrouded by a shadow, unable to come into the light, always in darkness. He came with cold air around him and wearing dark sunglasses. His voice was deep and full of resonance.

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