Thursday, June 17, 2010

Introducing...The Saving of Aris by NovaMelia

Introducing books through the first paragraph (or thereabouts)...

Papi's house was a white painted wooden structure with drywood termites in the attic and bottles of beer and ammonia under the kitchen sink. The termites were eating their way down the kitchen studs behind the plaster and into the kitchen doorjamb. The beer, according to Gram, was eating its way through Joshua's soul and down into his game leg. Aristophanes Ball was born in Papi's house. He was born in his mother's bed in Papi's house on a steaming Florida summer evening with a white plastic sheet beneath him and the thick smell of ammonia all around him. He was born soft and shriveled and his small body kept folding back into its fetal position, making it difficult for the midwife to clean the mess off him. His head was encased in wet, black hair; his arms and legs were sticky bent twigs; his buttocks was practically nonexistent and his sexual appendages were still tucked part way inside him and had to be coaxed out with finger filled plastic gloves.

-- The Saving of Aris by NovaMelia

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