Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012

It's almost time once again for the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference (BBOPC). This conference brings together bloggers, publishers, and authors, in order to "help us advance communication" between them.

I attended this conference last year, and I found it highly informative. One of the things that I loved was the fact that the discussions remain posted for about a month, so you can come back and listen to them later.

Attendees can also request some free books provided by the publishers. I see there aren't too many this year to interest me, as the majority of them are paranormal and romance, neither of which hold much interest for me. However I found the conference informative enough last year to justify attending, even if I wind up finding only a couple of books of interest.

Some of the topics that will be covered:
  • Where do Books Come From: Review Copy Distribution
  • What Authors look for in Reviews
  • What PR Departments do
  • Building a Relationship with Publishers
  • To Review or Not to Review Self-Pub
  • Book Blogging as a Business?
The fee to attend is $45, with a $7-10 fee for shipping books (shipping costs to be determined later). Sign up today!


Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference said...

Thanks for the Post!
Trust me - More books to come! Honestly we just have not gotten through all of the boxes and a few publishers have given us their full catalog in ebook form. Oh and if there is a publisher who's books you like let me know and I can hit them up.

Thanks again,
Terry Kate

nfmgirl said...

No problem at all, Terry! I found the conference so informative last year that I thought it would be worth the registration fee even if I didn't get any books. But it's nice to know that there will be more on the way!