Thursday, October 24, 2013

Introducing...Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois

Introducing books through the first chapter or so...


Andrew's plane landed at EZE, as promised, at seven a.m. local time. Outside the window, the sun was a hideous orb, bleeding orange light through wavering heat. Andrew was still woozy from his two Valiums and two glasses of wine, the bare minimum that he needed to fly these days-- to anywhere, for anything, though especially for here, for this. The irony of being a professor of international relations who was terrified of international travel was not lost on him (no irony was lost on him, ever), but it could not be helped. Neither could it be mitigated by the knowledge-- always understood but now finally believed-- that the things that go wrong are rarely the things you've thought to worry about.

-- Cartwheel by Jennifer duBois

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