Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Book Bingo 2024 with Cerebral Girl

As I am getting back into reading again, I was looking for some sort of challenge or something to inspire me or encourage me to read a wide range of things. I came across Romanceopoly by Under the Covers. What an amazing job they did with this challenge! However, as impressed as I was with the challenge, I found that (1) it was too many books for me, and (2) there were too many books in genres that I don't normally read. While I am looking for some diversity, I wasn't looking for that much reading outside of my comfort zone!

So, I decided to come up with my own challenge to push my reading this year. Enter Book Bingo!

Book Bingo is actually more like a literary treasure hunt than "bingo", but yeah. The goal is to read to earn points with a total of 50 points possible. For each box, you can EITHER read a book that satisfies the genre (red text) or the challenge (green text) aspect for 1 point, or you can read a book that meets BOTH of those qualities for 2 points. There are also three free spaces for a literary "free read" that will get you 2 points!

Want to join in? Download a PDF version of the bingo card here.

Let's get our read on! You can follow along with my progress here.

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