Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lisa Jackson Read-a-Fest Wrap-Up

Well, the Lisa Jackson challenge has ended, and I didn't do too well. I got into it sort of late in the game, and just didn't have time to do much. I had other books that I felt obligated to read, and I had just gotten back into reading again and had a couple of books that I was eager to read, plus it just took awhile to "get back in the groove". I still spend way too much time blogging instead of reading, but I'm getting better.

So, that being said, I only got one Lisa Jackson book read. I read Hot Blooded, the first book in the New Orleans series. I reviewed it here.

But at least this allowed me to be introduced to Lisa Jackson, and I will be reading at least two more books in this series, if not more. So it was worth it.

Thanks for the challenge, J. Kaye!


Staci said...

Oh well, at least you read 1 right?

Anonymous said...

You did great! This was more about raising LJ awareness as some people have never heard of her. Reading just one is awesome!

Since I didn't read nearly the number of books I'd wanted to, I plan on having a LJ reading challenge which will last over a year. That should give me enough!