Monday, April 8, 2024

REVIEW: Book Nooks by Vanessa Dina, Claire Gilhuly


Home is where the books are. This inspiring home decor book is brimming with photos of cozy places to read and creative ways to display books at home.
For stylish bookworms and bookish stylists, this covetable home d├ęcor book merges the literary appeal of Jane Mount’s bestselling Bibliophile with the aspirational allure of Emily Henderson’s bestselling Styled. Discover beautiful bookshelves adorned with lovely objets d’art, handsome home libraries with snug armchairs, reading areas for kids that ignite the imagination, and cookbook corners in quaint kitchens—and learn to replicate these in your own space. From bedside tables to bar carts, leather-bound collections to color-coded shelves, here are book nooks and styling techniques for every room and aesthetic. Reading lists from Gillian Flynn, Jasmine Guillory, Alex Elle, Joanna Goddard, Nik Sharma, and more offer plenty of recommendations for stocking your shelves (and your TBR list).
In a stunning package with a tasteful hint of gold foil on the case, this sumptuous book is perfect for browsing, displaying on a coffee table, or gifting to the reader, book lover, designer, or creative in your life. Filled with clever design ideas and dreamy spaces, Book Nooks is an irresistible invitation to curl up with a book, whether this one or another.

Format 144 pages, Hardcover
Expected publication September 17, 2024 by Chronicle Books
ISBN 9781797225876 (ISBN10: 1797225871)

My Thoughts

Let’s face it: Professional readers, hobby readers, book bloggers…most of us tend to have a thing for books and anything bookish, and we covet bookshelves, bookcases, and book nooks! So, which of us wouldn’t be enticed to open a book that promises a wealth of bookish displays? 

This book is divided by “types” of book nooks, i.e. Bedside, Baby, The Collector, Colorful, etc. Each chapter opens with an introduction to that book nook style and includes tips on how to achieve it in your own home. Each section includes book nook porn interspersed with descriptions of how to achieve certain effects like creating functional book stacks and using color to create a fun space for books and games.

I like the photography and the articles at the beginning of each chapter, but I would like to have seen more pictures of true sitting nooks rather than so many photos of small "nooks" that are just a couple of shelves or a table. And maybe more DIY instructions on how to achieve some special effects.

As bookworms know, home is where the books are. As stylists know, books are an essential element of home decor. A home without books is less, well, homey and less stylish.

My final word:  If you've been dreaming of creating your own cozy book nook, whether one to show off to everyone, a cozy nook for your kids, or maybe one tucked away in the corner of your bedroom, this is a great book to give you a little inspiration.

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