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REVIEW: Tom Clancy Act of Defiance by Brian Andrews, Jeffrey Wilson, Tom Clancy



When a Russian superweapon is let loose under the waves, it's up to President Jack Ryan to find a countermove in the latest entry in this #1 New York Times bestselling series.

US intelligence says there's something going on in Russia. While their land forces have been decimated by corruption and incompetence, the Navy seems to be pouring money into some secret project.

Analysts are stumped, until the knot is untangled by one particularly bright young woman at the Office of Naval Intelligence--Katie Ryan, the youngest daughter of President Jack Ryan. Like her father, she sees patterns where other don't, and she's determined that the Russians are about to launch a super missile submarine, the Belgorod.

Now the race is on to determine where the sub is and whether it poses a threat to the continental US.

560 pages, Hardcover
Expected publication May 21, 2024 


About the Author (from Goodreads)

Brian is a US Navy veteran, nuclear engineer, and former submarine officer. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in psychology, holds a Master's in business from Cornell, and is a Park Leadership Fellow. He is a principal contributor at Career Authors, a site dedicated to advancing the careers of aspiring and published writers: www.careerauthors.com.

He is half of Andrews & Wilson, the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, & #1 Amazon best-selling co-author team behind the TIER ONE series. New in 2024:

- EMBER: Tier One #8 (JULY)

In addition to their novels, Andrews & Wilson have multiple projects under development for film and television with major motion picture studios including Tier One, Dark Intercept, 4 Minutes, Portal, Glitch, and The In Between.

Find Brian online at:

Web: www.andrews-wilson.com
Instagram: @andrewsandwilson
Twitter: @BAndrewsJWilson

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My Thoughts

Much of this story takes place on military submarines-- both Russian and US.

Mil.ru, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jack Ryan, who we were introduced to in Patriot Games, is back in the 19th installment in the Jack Ryan series. Now 40 years later, Jack is President of the United States, and his youngest daughter Katie has followed in his footsteps as a senior analyst for Russian threats. Like her father in more ways than one, she is as well-suited for the position as her father was, being knowledgeable and willing to do just about anything to get the job done, intuitive and honorable.

Like its earlier predecessor The Hunt for Red October (THFRO), the US is on alert to a threat from the Russians. And, like its earlier predecessor, there is a Ryan working the case!

First, let me say that I know The Hunt for Red October. I have to have watched the movie at least 40-50 times...very possibly more! I kid you not! I could recite the dialogue for half of the movie. I was married to a Fire Control Tech stationed on a nuclear submarine, and I would watch THFRO on repeat every patrol in order to feel close to him.  I even went out on a day patrol on the USS Ben Franklin SSBN 640. We did different maneuvers like dives and emergency blows whereby the submarine rushes to the surface like a super-sonic elevator and pops out of the water. So, can you see how I would have a bit of a personal connection to this story?

This is like a modern day Hunt for Red October. I mean, very obviously so. This is almost like a parallel story right down to a submarine captain going rogue around the anniversary of his wife's death. If you followed a timeline of THFRO, this would basically coincide with the high points with just minor twists to make it different. Women are now much more prominent to reflect the changing times, but even things that are said tend to be similar to THFRO (i.e. "One ping... One ping only."). I can connect the characters to their equivalents in THFRO. "This guy is the equivalent of that second in command on the aircraft carrier that didn't like Jack Ryan in THFRO!"

But in this modern day retelling, it is Katie Ryan that takes on the role of competent and beleaguered analyst attempting to prevent WWIII.

Five words: absorbing, courageous, thrilling, familiar, true-to-life

My final word: Well, I think I've already established that I am partial to the movie The Hunt for Red October (the third book in this series), so this book is right up my alley. I think that the author is a talented storyteller. His experience in submarines make the submarine scenes feel particularly authentic. The writing really flows. It is easy, comfortable and enjoyable. The characters are rather one-dimensional, but that isn't really surprising for this genre. I think that my only real complaint is that it was too much like its predecessor THFRO. It became a distraction for me. I was constantly picking up on all of the similarities. But for someone not suffering from the same affliction as me, this is a fun, on-the-edge-of-your-seat ride!

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Contains mild language, mild violence and adult situations.

Cover: A-
Writing Style: A
Characters: B+
Storyline/Plot: B
Interest/Uniqueness: B-

My Rating:

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