Wednesday, March 17, 2010

J.M. Barrie and M.J.

I was reading about author J.M. Barrie today (the author of Peter Pan), and it was interesting to read his biography on Wikipedia:
Barrie also had friendships with other children, both before he met the Davies boys and after they had grown up, and there has since been speculation that Barrie was a paedophile or that he engaged in child sexual abuse. However, there is no direct evidence of any such conduct, nor that he was suspected of it at the time. Nico, the youngest of the brothers, flatly denied that Barrie ever behaved inappropriately. 'I don't believe that Uncle Jim ever experienced what one might call "a stirring in the undergrowth" for anyone — man, woman, or child,' he stated. 'He was an innocent — which is why he could write Peter Pan.' His relationships with the surviving Davies boys continued well beyond their childhood and adolescence.
Doesn't that sound a lot like another figure well associated with Neverland? Isn't it curious that Michael Jackson may actually have been very similar to J.M. Barrie rather than Peter Pan.

Just something that I found interesting...

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