Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just changing the window dressings...

Please excuse the mess while I play around with the window dressings a little. A friend of mine started making me a banner months ago, but he never finished. You know how life gets in the way sometimes, and you get side-tracked. But he was doing a great job with the banner, and I decided that I was going to utilize the proto-type, and see how it goes. So you may see this site go through a few renditions while we play around with it.

Feel free to give any feedback on the banner or other layout choices. All feedback is appreciated!

Note: The truck in the image is one that I got a picture of a couple of years ago. We were on our way over to my step-brother's house, and had this truck in front of us. It had the stereotypical big tires and American flag flying in the back bed. I asked my boyfriend to get a shot of it, because it epitomized the "redneck world" that I grew up in! (However my friend did take some liberties with the truck, adding "FERD" and the "RED NEK" license plate!) The truck that we had in front of us yesterday with the dead wild hog strapped to the top of a cage in the back of a truck would be a close second contender for the stereotypical redneck truck!

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