Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MOVIE REVIEW: Twilight and New Moon

I'm signed up for the Read the Book, See the Movie challenge, and I have now read two books and seen two movies. However I never did post my "reviews" of the movies. Here is just a quick note on the movies.

First I read and reviewed Twilight and then watched the movie. The movie was pretty good, but it definitely fell short of the book. It was a much more simplistic version of the book, leaving out all of the complexities of the underlying emotions. There was no way in the movie to really relay the torment Edward felt, how he struggled, how gooooood Bella "smelled" to him. And it felt sort of rushed, as if everything moved at fast speed. Of course, the book sort of felt a similar way. Overall it was a pretty good movie, and even my boyfriend enjoyed it and was eager for me to read the second book so that I would get the second movie for us to watch.

So I read the second book in the series and reviewed it, and then got the movie New Moon. Like the book, I liked this movie a little less than the first. I liked Jacob. The movie didn't leave me as frustrated as the book did, as with the book I was so frustrated with Bella's "damsel in distress" and obsession with Edward. She is weak in so many ways, and sickens me a little. And once Edward is back, Jacob is just kicked to the curb. The second book and movie both just left me a little unsatisfied and frustrated, and a little disgusted by Bella and Edward.

I am now ordering the third book in the series, and we'll see how that one goes!


Cheryl said...

I agree, I liked Twilight the book much better than the movie, but I did like watching Edward. New Moon the movie was better than the first movie, but the book still beats it. I read the whole series and look foward to the next movie. My daughter watched New Moon with me and her favorite quote was "he is such a marshmallow".

Lilly said...

I think those movies are good not great. But in my opinion those books are not great either.
I like New Moon and Eclipse better (only because of Jacob). Breakind Dawn I just hate lol