Friday, March 23, 2012

ARTICLE SHARING: "Author Turow fears DOJ Apple suit would empower Amazon"

CNET is running an article written by Jay Greene stating that author Scott Turow (author of Presumed Innocent) is alleging that a lawsuit Amazon has filed against Apple, HarperCollins Publishers, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Group and Simon & Schuster will put Amazon in a position to crush all of their competition.
"'You'll end up with one bookseller in the United States because Amazon will crush everyone else,' Turow said.
In an op-ed piece for Bloomberg, the Presumed Innocent author dubs Amazon 'the Darth Vader of the literary world.' And in an interview with CNET, Turow said he's worried that Amazon's tactics will unfairly undermine brick-and-mortar booksellers and ultimately the publishing industry." (CNET article by Jay Greene)
Read the full CNET article by Jay Greene, and the original Bloomberg article written by author Scott Turow.

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