Friday, August 22, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: A Beginning, No Middle, and an End by G. Eric Francis

What was once a planet of 196 governments has been reduced to 1, governed by an expanded United Nations.  While some rights have been taken away, most people on the planet have never had more freedoms.

One of the most successful men in this new world is JaFrancis Brownell.   A video game and book publisher, he is rich, intelligent, and gay.  At the verge of publishing his 200th title, a friend brings to his attention something from the past that he didn't know existed, forcing him to come face to face with someone he hasn't seen in years...his father, Franklin.  A writer who never made it, he is a bitter and bigoted man nearing the end of his life's journey.  

Angry at his son for not only ignoring his own natural gift for writing, but for his alternative lifestyle as well, the two strong-willed men butt heads.  But an unexpected threat due to JaFrancis' fame brings danger from those who want what he has.  Now both father and son not only face years of hurt feelings, but a clock that will definitely strike midnight for one of them...but not in a way either one expected.

Paperback, 122 pages
Published August 7th 2014 by Createspace
ISBN 1500586242 (ISBN13: 9781500586249)

A Beginning, No Middle, and an End by G. Eric Francis is available now through Amazon

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