Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bookstore Cats

NYULOCAL has posted a story about the cats that inhabit local NY bookstores:

Kitty Porn: City Bookstores With Cats

Cute story. My local used bookstore, Sandman Book Company, has a resident cat as well.
His name is Kitty-Wan Kenobi. He's a very sweet and friendly guy, and is always laying on the footstool located in the front room whenever I enter, purring up a storm as I approach and relishing any attention I want to give him.

And I love this bookstore, located in Punta Gorda, FL. An independent bookseller, they recently expanded and doubled their store size. I just discovered them earlier this year, and have been back several times now, and may try to make another trip out this weekend.

And as for cats, I know of which I speak...
Shotsie, Delilah, Simon, Momma, Fancy
Those are my five cats. You'll note Shotsie over on the left by herself, because she doesn't like cats-- she likes dogs! Simon and Delilah are brother and sister, and their mother is Momma. Momma was a stray cat at my condo complex, and I discovered one day that she had brought me her babies and left them for me on my balcony, even though she was so timid that she spent the better part of four years hiding under my bed in my bedroom after I took her and the kittens in. You see she is eating next to Fancy, whom tormented her those four years, leaving me to keep Momma locked in my bedroom for her own peace of mind.

But after moving to my house, Momma came out of her shell and now will stand up to Fancy. So the two of them have reached an impasse.

So I have my own resident "library cats", who are habitually trying to sneak into my room that I call "the library"!

Check out the story about the bookstore cats. Cute!

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