Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out with a Bang Read-a-thon: Photo Montage Mini-Challenge

Andrea of Loud Words & Sounds is holding a mini-challenge requiring you to provide three images that best represent the theme of the chapter that you are currently reading. My current book is:

Now, before I do the mini-challenge let me warn any readers of possible SPOILERS! I just finished the Busted section of the book and am now beginning "Blood Everywhere" on page 821. Here is my photo montage...

There is currently a dome over the city of Chester's Mill, cutting it off from the rest of the world.
Neighbor is turning on neighbor. Some are deceitful and lying, some are mentally unstable, and others are just plain scared...
...and there is a mysterious black box, which may be behind the mysterious appearance of the dome.

That's it in a nutshell! Now back to reading!

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Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

I love the pictures you chose -- they're so mysterious and intriguing! Thanks so much for participating! Happy New Year!