Monday, April 13, 2009


My name is Heather, and about ten years ago I was totally addicted to books, spending about $100 a month on them. I decided to break my habit, and put myself on something of a "book ban".

Now, ten years later, I find myself living back in the redneck country of my youth and an emptiness within me. I remember the joys of reading a good book and getting lost in a story. I miss that. And I thought to myself, as long as I watch my spending, who am I really hurting? I mean, if you are going to have an addiction, aren't books a healthier addiction to have?

So I am forcing myself to get away from the computer (my new addiction. Can you tell I have an addictive personality?), and dive back into my bookshelves and book piles.

I have a special passion for post-apocalyptic stories, but also love horrors and thrillers and other genres. I like a story that can really creep me out, make me double-check the locks on all the doors and pull my feet up so the monster under the bed can't get them! Occasionally I like an emotionally stirring book that can reach into my soul and mix it up.

I am not a "book club" kind of girl who wants to sit around and read complex stories and interpret the symbolism and debate character development. I just like a really good, entertaining yarn that I can lose myself in, or a story that will enable me to feel or experience things I normally wouldn't.

This blog will document my journey back to reading and escapism. We all need a little escapism in our lives!

(Please note: While I will be doing reviews of books that I read, I will not be churning them out at the speed I see so many others do it. I work full time, have a house and critters to care for, and blogging to do. That doesn't leave tons of time for reading. Plus I'm a little rusty and not the fastest reader right now. But I will share my thoughts when I finally get through a book!)


Yolanda said...

I am blad I found your blog. I am much like you. Where in redneck land do you live. I grew up in the heart of redneck land in northeast MS.

XenaBallerina said...

Oh Heather it sounds as if we could be twin sisters in all respects. Someday we should compare the redneck worlds we live in!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Definitely a healthy addiction :)

Susan said...

Heather - I have been to Heather's Eden a million times but only just had time to check this blog out. It's fantastic! Where do you find the time?? Have you read The Taking by Dean Koontz? I swear one day I am going to sue him for the amount of money I pay in electricity keeping the lights on all night long! Since you like post apocalyptic stories you might be just the person I am looking for. Many years ago I read a short story about college girls in a sorority. The initiation was a little fuzzy memory wise and later, after some sort of disaster, it turns out these women remembered the secret goal of the sorority and it was to take over and rule men. I cannot remember the name or author and would love to find it again! Does it ring any bells with you???