Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-thon: Mini-Challenge by Book Gazing

This mini-challenge is brought to us by Book Gazing:

Look through the pile and take a picture of the cover you like the best, for whatever reason. It can be the prettiest, the oddest, the brightest...



Flip the book over and look at the blurb (or look on the inside of the jacket). Now here's the fun, little kid part - recreate the blurb anyway you want. What I'm looking for is some kind of tableau that expresses the main thrust of the book's plot (which the blurb should hopefully capture). You can recreate it using action figures, poppets, stuffed toys, lego creatures, models made from bluetack and paper clips, anything you can find around the house. If you're feeling really ambitious you can get people to help you out - dress them up and take a picture of them acting out the main idea behind the book. Mock it up quickly and have fun doing it :) Snap a picture of whatever you create. The challenge runs from 2pm - 4pm (GMT).

Meet Andy Warner, a recently deceased everyman and newly minted zombie. Resented by his parents, abandoned by his friends, and reviled by a society that no longer considers him human, Andy is having a bit of trouble adjusting to his new existence.

Beginning of story

But all of that changes when he goes to an Undead Anonymous meeting and finds kindred souls in Rita, an impossibly sexy recent suicide with a taste for the formaldehyde in cosmetic products, and Jerry, a twenty-one-year old car-crash victim with an exposed brain and a penchant for Renaissance pornography.

Middle of story

End of story

Sorry. I couldn't do it with just two photos!


Maree said...

That's cute!

Kathleen said...

LOL Love the stick figures! What a crazy book.

Jodie said...

That sounds like a mental book - I want it! Have you ever seen the Joan of Arcadia episode where they stage the teen zombie musical?

Great entry.

Eva said...

I love it!!! You're so creative. :D

Anonymous said...

The book sounds crazy fun, and I like your comic-style blurb recreation.

Enjoy your reading today!


Nise' said...

Great job! Love the drawings.