Thursday, September 3, 2009

Introducing...Karma for Beginners

Karma for Beginners by Jessica Blank

I had to fight for this hamburger. Twenty minutes: in the rest stop parking lot and the bathroom, by the pay phone while my mom called work to make sure they had the forwarding address for her last paycheck, and then the entire time in line, past the fried chicken and the biscuits and the french fries and the milk. My mom didn't give in till we were at the register, when she finally said, "Fine," held her hands up to heaven and closed her eyes, apologizing to the endless wheel of karma, while I ran back and grabbed the hot crinkly foil-wrapped cheeseburger and brought it to the cashier, in front of whose astonished face my mom was still praying.

* Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
* Pub. Date: August 2009
* ISBN-13: 9781423117513
* Age Range: Young Adult
* 320pp

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