Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing...The Long Walk by Stephen King

The Long Walk by Stephen King

An old blue Ford pulled into the guarded parking lot that morning, looking like a small, tired dog after a hard run. One of the guards, an expressionless young man in a khaki uniform and a Sam Browne belt, asked to see the blue plastic ID card. The boy in the back seat handed it to his mother. His mother handed it to the guard. The guard took it to a computer terminal that looked strange and out of place in the rural stillness. The computer terminal ate the card and flashed this on its screen:

ID NUMBER 49-801-89

I just recently bought The Hunger Games, because I know that I am going to love it. Do you know how I know that I'm going to love it? Because I love this book! This is one of my favorite books! It has a similar flavor to the Hunger Games storyline. In the future, things are rough. Poverty and desperation reign. The government has an annual lottery. Young men may enter and be selected to compete in "The Long Walk". The winner of the walk gets whatever he wants for the rest of his life. The other 99 boys who don't win the race get death.

If you like Hunger Games, definitely give this book a shot. I know you won't regret it!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. I'm not a Stepehn King follower, but the few books of his that I've read I've enjoyed. This sounds like a winner to me.