Friday, August 28, 2009

Referencing Friday (08-28-09 edition)

Total Critter Control: An Essential Guide to Controlling Any Sort of Critter, from the Merely Pesky to the Outright Dangerous by Don Sedgwick

From the Back Cover

Critters are everywhere. From remote homesteads at the edge of the forest to the split-levels of suburban subdivisions, no property lines are safe from animal or insect invasion.

Most critter encounters are mere nuisances - deer nibbling garden plants, squirrels munching seeds from the bird feeder, or raccoons knocking over the trash can. Yet even these common encounters are potentially dangerous. Deer may be infested with the tick that transmits Lyme disease. Squirrels may chew and damage electrical wiring. And raccoons may carry rabies, distemper or other illnesses.

How does a homeowner cope? Total Critter Control gathers in one comprehensive volume advice from numerous experts who offer the wisdom of their vast and varied experience. Fully illustrated with photographs and line drawings throughout, it provides detailed information on elimination methods that are not only effective, but also safe, legal, and humane. With helpful lists of deterrent products and where to find them, as well as how to contact helpful organizations, Total Critter Control is a must-have handbook for anyone who wants to learn how to peacefully coexist with critters.

My Thoughts

This book is invaluable for any homeowner. Unfortunately people are very quick to trap and relocate wildlife when they encounter it around their home, not realizing that many of these animals do not survive after they are relocated. The kindest and most humane thing to do is to try to outsmart them. This book helps you do that.

BTW, if you wish to learn more, I wrote a post awhile back about relocating wildlife on another of my blogs: Just Me Spouting Off

* Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
* Pub. Date: June 2003
* ISBN-13: 9781585744794
* 288pp


rhapsodyinbooks said...

We definitely need this book! We know we must be encroaching on the territory of many animals, and they aren't happy about it!

Staci said...

Being a country girl we usually use live traps for pesky critters and release them back out into the wild!!