Friday, August 7, 2009

Referencing Friday (08-07-09 edition)

Compost: The Gardener's Essential Compost and Recycling Bible by Kenneth Thompson

The most practical book that all gardeners have been waiting for, this fun and informative guide shows how to make the best compost using ingredients that are easily found around the house.

My Thoughts

In this economy, so many people are trying to cut corners everywhere they can. Many people are opting to do backyard gardening to save on their food bills. Composting is not only a great way to help you grow a healthy garden to fee your family, but it is a great way to lower your garbage waste. You wouldn't believe the things that you can compost! Here's a link to 163 Things You Can Compost.

This book covers the basics of compost: what it is, how to make it, the different types of compost bins, how to use compost.

Thanks to this book, I now have my own compost that is cooking. If you wanted to learn more about compost, this book is a good choice.

* Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc.
* Pub. Date: February 2007
* ISBN-13: 9780756613419
* 192pp


Staci said...

That actually sounds like a good book. I would like to read the list of all of the things you can compost. I've noticed since I've been recycling how much smaller our garbage to the curb has become. I always put out peelings, fruit leftover, stuff like that but maybe I'm missing some other things that I can throw on my pile!! Great reference Friday!!

Jo-Jo said...

That is very interesting. I started composting last summer but I haven't been able to actually use any of my compost yet so this book would probably be a good investment for me. We live in a very cold area so we only have a couple of months that is good for composition making, but I add to the pile all year long.

Here is a funny compost story: Earlier this spring I was trying to start some flower plants and absolutely nothing grew in this one tray that I had planted seedlings. So I went and dumped the tray of dirt in the compost pile and now I have some beautiful plants coming up in there. It will be interesting to see if I get flowers!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a good book on composting. I looked into it last year, gave it up after my husband started complaining, but now am ready to do it! I'll have to get this one. Perfect timimg :)